Future of Natural Gas in an Emerging Renewables Economy

Natural gas in North America has emerged and arrived as the successor to old king coal. Demand from the electric utility sector has never been higher and coal to gas dynamics have shifted to the point where gas has become increasingly inelastic to price as gas-fired capacity additions grab market share and coal retirements increase.  How long will this dominance last and how will the growth in renewables and grid-scale battery storage impact the future growth of natural gas demand? Furthermore, how will this impact levels of gas production going forward in the Rockies? LNG and Mexican export growth can sustain the broader lower 48 natural gas market for decades to come.  For the gas that stays home, and for areas that are locked out of the export market, current robust market dynamics could shift, especially as the power sector looks at alternative and renewable fuel choices.

Moderator: John Harpole, Founder and President, Mercator Energy LLC



General Session
Location: Colorado Convention Center Date: August 27, 2019 Time: 10:00 am - 11:00 am Alice Jackson David Keyte Jack Weixel John Harpole