Gale Norton

As Secretary of the Interior, 2001-2006, Gale Norton played a key role in shaping national energy policies. In the face of crises including the September 11th attacks and the War on Terror, increasing domestic energy production became a major focus for Norton’s term.  She oversaw lands and offshore areas that produced a third of America’s domestic oil, natural gas, and coal. She was actively involved in consideration of the Energy Policy Act of 2005, offshore and onshore oil and gas production, coal mine leasing and reclamation, hydroelectric generation, as well as biomass, wind and geothermal development.

Norton was General Counsel for Royal Dutch Shell Unconventional Oil, 2007-2010, and Attorney General of Colorado, 1991-1999.   She is currently President of Norton Regulatory Strategies and serves on the Board of Directors of American Transmission Company, which operates electric transmission facilities across the US.

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