Marc McGill

Marc McGill has lived in the Houston area for 5 years with his wife and two daughters, following a move from Illinois.  He quickly proceeded down the road of production in the E&P side of the industry.  Marc exemplified the notion, working hard results in career advancement.  He was successful at getting the job done, no matter what, until a significant life-altering event forced him to rethink this mentality.  Circumventing processes, procedures and regulations only leads to negative outcomes…unless luck is on your side.

Today, Marc is the acting EHSR Director at Noble Energy.  Although a degree in safety culture does not yet exist, he has made it his mission to make change happen.  Marc has over 32 years’ experience in this industry ranging from working in the field, as a midlevel supervisor to upper management, giving him unique perspectives.  Not only does he have extensive operational and EHS experience, he has an uncanny ability to identify the strengths and gaps in the culture that have a direct impact on an organization’s outcome.

Specific accomplishments include:

In addition to his passion around culture change, Marc and his family enjoy driving around on the weekends in one of their Shelby Mustangs.

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