Michael Moore

Managing Partner, East-West Strategic Advisors

Managing Partner of East-West Strategic Advisors located in Washington, DC.  Energy related strategy work on energy assets, sovereign energy security, CO2-EOR, policy domestic and international.  Much of the same areas as in previous positions with additional interest in infrastructure, cooperative development and Arctic regions.  Co-founded in 2018 with Fred Eames of Hunton Andrews Kurth the Energy Advance Center working on CCUS policy.  Appointed by Energy Secretary Perry to the National Coal Council for 2018-2020 term.

Prior to EWSA was the VP of Energy Commodities and Advisory Services of FearnOil Inc., A division of Astrup-Fearnley AS.

Working on development of energy resources and commodities, CO2-EOR, CCUS, infrastructure, technology advancement and related advisory services as well as energy advocacy work in legislation/regulation at Federal and State levels.  Has 30+ years of energy (oil, gas, coal, power, CO2, carbon) experience in brokering, marketing, business development and strategy.

Executive Director of The North American Carbon Capture Storage Association (NACCSA) in Washington, DC from September 2008 until its closing April 2017.   Focus on CCUS.  State, Federal and International interests.   As well as a founding member and officer in the Texas Carbon Capture Association (TXCCSA).

Prior to FearnOil, was the Vice President of Business Development and External Affairs for Blue Strategies-Houston.  Blue Strategies/Blue Source focused on carbon monetization projects, asset development, CO2-EOR, low carbon projects, CO2 storage, policy & regulatory issues.

Prior to Blue Strategies was the Director of Marketing for Falcon Gas Storage. An independent owner, operator and developer of natural gas storage facilities in Texas and the Southeast, utilizing depleted oil and gas reservoirs.  Worked on commercialization of gas storage capacity, interconnection agreements, permitting, land use, gas storage contracts, etc.  Transacted with utilities, industrials, pipelines, producers and financial houses.   Spent considerable time on policy and regulatory issues Federal and state.

Prior experiences were:  A)  founding shareholder in several telecom/dotcom/electronic trading platforms which included management/operations, money raising and client development, B) partner and producing broker in deregulated power , data and consulting  C) crude oil market broker facilitating transactions in the physical and financial markets.

*Equity Stakeholder in CO2-EOR developer/operator/owner “Tabula Rasa Energy” in the Permian Basin

*Faculty member of “RECS” for past 12 years.

*Subject Expert for online course  & Special Advisor to Rice University’s  Energy & Environment Initiative

*The Program Director for the CO2-EOR Carbon Management Workshop held in Midland, Texas each year since 2002 in conjunction with the CO2 Technical Flooding Conference.

*Associate of the “Houston Energy Club” Houston

*Member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers   Gulf Coast.

*Stakeholder in the DOE’s “National Risk Assessment Partnership”

Michael E. Moore was recently awarded in 2015 the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit by HM King Harald V with the rank of Knight 1st Class and officer of the Order.  Works in CCUS/CCS, energy infrastructure, markets and energy security were some of the positive attributes for Norway that contributed to the award.

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